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Monday, July 23, 2018

OCSAA Resources

Listed below are publically available resources for Catholic schools as well as parents and teachers. Within the Accreditation Dashboard, member schools will find more resources, tips, and recommendations to help in the accreditation cycle.

On This Page:

  • Resource Documents with vital information for schools and the public.
  • Annual Accreditation Schedule with ODE
  • Annual Due Dates for Schools
  • External Validation Team Visit Video for school staff orientation

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Resource Documents

OCSAA Standards The official OCSAA Standards document. (PDF)
OCSAA Writer's Guide The "manual" for accreditation for Catholic Schools in Ohio (PDF)
21st Century Learning Article21st Century SkillsThemes, Student Outcomes, Learning and Innovation Skills, Information, Media and Technology Skills, Life and Career Skills
21st Century Skills21st Century SkillsPartner for Successful Learning Website
21st Century Skills21st Century SkillsApple Classroom of Tomorrow
21st Century Skills and Rubrics21st Century SkillsRubrics adapted from Tony Wagner's Seven Survival Skills (PDF)
21st Century Skills Assessment21st Century SkillsDoDEA21 21st Century Teaching, Learning, and Leading Website
21st Century Skills Assessment21st Century SkillsCRWA+ Sample Assessment for High Schools and Scoring Rubric from cae.org
Tony Wagner's 7 Skills Students Need for the Future21st Century SkillsYou Tube Video
Tony Wagner's The Global Achievement Gap21st Century SkillsPowerpoint Presentation
Critical Thinking RubricsCritical ThinkingStudent Leader Learning Outcomes (SLLO) Project from Texas A&M University
Critical Thinking Testing and Assessment (Online Test)Critical ThinkingCritical Thinking Foundation
Critical Thinking Testing and Assessment GuideCritical ThinkingA Guide for Educators to Critical Thinking Competency Standards from criticalthinking.org (PDF)
Critical Thinking: Barriers and OpportunitiesCritical ThinkingCritical Thinking article from The Alberta Teachers' Association
College and Work Readiness AssessmentCWRAGeared for Students
College and Work Readiness AssessmentCWRAGeared for Teachers and Administrators, Sample Instrument and Rubric
Differentiated Instruction in the Classroom at Mesquite Elementary SchoolDifferentiated InstructionYou Tube Video
Differentiation and The Brain: A Discussion with Carol-Ann TomlinsonDifferentiated InstructionYou Tube Video
Getting Started on Differentiated InstructionDifferentiated InstructionYou Tube Video
Reteach and Enrich : How to Make Time for Every StudentDifferentiated InstructionYou Tube Video
Tips and Strategies for Effective Differentiation and InstructionDifferentiated InstructionYou Tube Video
Gravissimum Educationis: Declaration On Christian EducationFoundational Church Documents For Educators in a Catholic School
Lay Catholics in Schools: Witnesses To FaithFoundational Church Documents Vatican Website article
The Catholic SchoolFoundational Church Documents Vatican Website article
The Catholic School on the Threshold of the Third MillenniumFoundational Church Documents Vatican Website article
The Religious Dimension of Education in a Catholic SchoolFoundational Church Documents Vatican Website article
Assessing and Analyzing InformationProject Based LearningOnline resource for PBL

Annual Accreditation Schedule with Ohio Department of Education


Each OCSAA member school shall electronically update the Annual Verification of Operating Standards (AVS) report on the Web Portal by October 31st

Step One - The AVS as recorded on October 31st will be the official list for school compliance/non-compliance for the school year.  The OCSAA Director will submit the list of schools not in compliance to the Commission.  The OCSAA Director shall send letters to the schools indicating that the school has until January 1st to be in compliance with all Operating Standards.  Assistance from the Diocesan Departments of Education should be pursued. 

Step Two - On January 1st, the OCSAA Director shall generate an updated list of schools still not in compliance and submit said list to the Commission.  The Director will recommend to the Commission that the school's status be changed to Conditional Accreditation and any school NOT in compliance by January 31st will have their accreditation revoked.  A letter to schools still not in compliance on January 1st will be sent  to inform schools of this timeline.  The Commission will vote on this action no later than January 31st of each year.

NOTE:  Schools are responsible to be 100% in compliance with all Operating Standards at all times.  It is the school Principal's responsibility to monitor and and to address any expiration and/or non-compliance issues occurring after the October 31st deadline.

Step Three - Once a school is in compliance, after having their accreditation revoked, the school has the opportunity to Appeal before an established Appeals Committee, to be reinstated with Full Accreditation.

Step Four - If a school has its accreditation revoked, representative(s) of the school are accorded the right to appear before the Appeals Committee.  The Appeals Committee shall consist of the Director plus two (2) persons selected from a list of persons approved by the OCSAA Commission.  The school making the appeal to be reinstated shall select one representative from the approved list and the Director shall select one representative from the approved list.  Neither representative shall be from the diocese in which the school making the appeal is located.  The duties of the Appeals Committee are to hear appeals submitted by member schools whose accreditation has been revoked, and to make recommendations regarding reinstatement to the Commission.

In order to be reinstated for accreditation, the procedures to be followed are:

a.  Once the school is in compliance with all Operating Standards, the school may request to have its representative(s) appear before the Committee.  This request must be submitted in writing to the Director.

b.  The Director will notify the representative(s) of time and place of the appeals hearing.  The cost to the school will be $100.00 payable to the OCSAA.

c.  Following the hearing, the Appeals Committee shall submit its recommendations, in writing, to the OCSAA Commission for consideration at the Commission's next regular meeting.  The action of the OCSAA Commission on reinstatement of accreditation and membership, after any and all appeals have been heard, is final.

Step Five - No later than September 30th, the Director shall submit to the Ohio Department of Education the names of OCSAA schools that are in compliance with all OCSAA Operating Standards and the names of schools that are not in compliance with all OCSAA Operating Standards.

Please Note: In accordance with Ohio Administrative Code, failure to implement state-approved Operating Standards may result in the Ohio Department of Education initiating efforts to revoke the school’s charter.

Accreditation Due Dates for Schools

  • October 31 - Annual Verification of Standards (AVS)  and Standard School Survey (SSS) Due (All schools, every year)
  • April 15 - Reports due for Action on Accreditation (Schools in Self Study or Verification phases)
    • Preliminary School Improvement Plan
    • EVT Suggested Actions
    • Response to Suggested Actions
    • Final School Improvement Plan
  • May 1 - Progress Report I or II from schools with reports due

(Deadlines extend to next business day if they fall on weekend.)

External Validation Team Visit - Staff Orientation Video

Schools may use the video below to explain to staff how the EVT process works.